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Sunday, 26 December 2010


My experience of Morocco took place at the age of 13. Although this was a few years ago I can still recall clearly my journey of (what seemed at the time) epic proportions. I travelled from the surprisingly fertile and green north of the country surrounding Marrakesh to the dry and desolate Saharan south.

North of the Atlas Mountain

Northern Morocco wasn't what I expected. It felt like a mix between Mediterranean Europe, with lots of green fruit farms, and the Arab world, with mosques and sandy coloured buildings. What i saw of the north was all through a minibus window, but we came across countless rivers, winding through fertile valleys and flood plains, giving life to huge fields of crops and long narrow valley forests. As we ascended I was caught off guard by the presence of snow, not realising that the Atlas mountains were as high as they were.

Above: North Morocco
Below: South Morocco
Source: Me

 South of the Atlas Mountains

Pretty much everything below the Atlas mountains is as i imagined all of Morrocco to be like, dry, dusty and rugged. Despite the inhospitable nature of the landscape, it was truly breath taking. Huge dry rock valleys intertwine where previously river may have ran. The occasional fertile oasis.  Caves inhabited by the nomadic tribes dotted across the land. It was a truly ancient place, and as we trekked through it felt as if we had travelled back to a time before civilisation, thousands of years ago.

The Sahara

The Sahara suddenly appears out of nowhere, with no warning, and stretches on forever. As well as being probably the place within which it is most easy to lose your direction, it is also the most fun. Spectacular sights can be found at the top of any large sand dune, and spectacular fun can be found rolling down them. The Sahara desert does leave you feeling quite small and insignificant, but also leaves you impressed at its beauty. It is a true must see of this planet.

Some of the journey was undertaken on camels
Source: Me
                                                    Maybe slightly clich├ęd. Source: Me


The Souks of Marrakesh present themselves as an intricate network of covered passages, lined with everything you could imagine, from multi-coloured cloths to jars of brightly coloured spice stacked high. The mystical setting of the market, with light drifting through the makeshift roof adds to the sensory overload of the smells and sights that the souks have to offer. Allowing yourself to get lost via tiny passages and bustling squares allows you to find you're own favourite spot, but don't be disappointed if you can never find it again.

The Souks. Source: The internet


  1. Some awesome pictures, am jealous of your travels man :)

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  3. It's nice photoblog. very inspiring

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  5. I love travels blogs and this has to be one of the best out there! :)