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Sunday, 19 June 2011


Highlights: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, 2010

1) Tulum

Tulum was an ancient Mayan port on the coast of the peninsula.  Tulum serves as a 'show room' for Mayan sites, with a network of clear paths and grassy areas between structures. The structures themselves are well preserved and are even more impressive against their back drop of beautiful turquoise waters. The sea can be easily accessed from the picturesque beach, allowing you to escape the humidity and high temperatures common to Mexico.

The site is a haven for iguanas 

The Beach

A nearby beach

2) Xel-Ha (Shel Hah)

Xel-Ha is an aquatic eco-park, located around a natural lagoon. Its selection of mangroves, rivers, islands and the central lagoon make for excellent snorkeling, with a wide range of fish and other animals. There are also 'exhibits', which allow you to swim with manatees and dolphins, among others. Overall, a great way to experience a huge amount of aquatic wildlife in one place.
The Lagoon

Aerial view (Source: Internet)
3) Coba

 The Mayan city of Coba contrasts greatly to the open, tameness of Tulum. Further inland, Coba is located right within the heart of the jungle. Many of the structures are still overgrown, and paths are rugged. I feel that this adds a more adventurous feeling to the whole experience, and allows you to 'discover' pyramids out in the jungle. Unlike at Tulum, you are free to climb many of the buildings, including the large pyramid, which gives spectacular panoramic views across the jungle canopy. 
The main pyramid, emerging through the trees

A steep climb
The View

All images are mine, unless stated

Monday, 25 April 2011

Belize, 2011

 Howler Monkey Sanctuary (These are wild)

Local Flora

 A captive Jaguar, found as a cub by loggers
 A large grasshopper

 A Puma at Belize Zoo

Xunantunich, A post classical Mayan Complex

Our tree house accommodation at Martz Farm
The Macal River
Pastures and forest at Martz Farm

A recently constructed Dam on the Macal River, and its destructive consequences 
Stick insect
A refreshing water fall at the Cockscombe Basin Jaguar Reserve
Northwest Caye, Glovers Reef Atoll

Banana Bank Resort

Belize Vivarium (Under construction)